In the Footsteps of Bach
Following in Bach's Footsteps
Sadly the climate for the arts worsened in the 1990's and there were dramatic cutbacks in all cultural activity since the major patron of the arts is the government. But one place where there was, and still is, a great need for musicians here is the Church of Sweden.
So I returned to music school to get a Church Music degree in the fall of 1999 despite having never played the organ in my life!
I began to lead choirs in January of 2000. The first group was a 40 voice group in the town of Örnsköldsvik that needed a director, so they came looking at school. Then, while working in the parish in Sundsvall in 2002, an organist there and myself started a brand new choir called "Samklang" which is still going strong!
But, in July of 2003, Kerstin got a permanat job in Strängnäs and for the third year in a row, we were moving and we left Norrland for the southern half of Sweden.
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