Life With Kerstin
It's pronounced SHASH-tin. We met in February of 1993 or so I thought, and we found ourselves together only a month and half later at the end of March. I had entertained thoughts of returning to Chicago after my work was finished in Östersund, but when I met her, all thoughts of leaving simply vanished!! After a few months, Kerstin commented to me that my Swedish had improved dramatically since the first time we had met. My answer was, "oh really, in just these few months?"
She then pointed out that we had met the first week that I had been in Sweden when I had inquired about Swedish language classes at the local community college. The whole time that I was "courting", she knew exactly who I was, but I had no clue that that beautiful, tall women that I had asked directions from one dark and cold night in January of 1992 was indeed her, but I did remember that I had hoped back then that I would see HER again, and soon!
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