Making the Move to Sweden
Moving within the US is one thing, moving to another country, giving up perfectly good work and taking a job in another country sight unseen is quite another. I did have my cousins in Stockholm to help me out, but as I got on the plane, I could not help but think "what HAVE I done?". Well the answer was not long in coming. Arriving at the Östersund railway station at 5:00 in the morning, I was met by a person from the ensemble who first took me to the offices and said this is your room, you can put what ever you need to here. "My room?” I thought, "what a luxury, my own private practice room." Then I was driven to my new apartment which they had arranged for me. I thought I was dreaming, everything was so, so perfect.
Then we began working, playing Mozart Serenades and Divertimentos in small churches that were built before he was born. What could be better than this?", I thought.
It was then that they told me that we were going to play a tour in Vienna, which is what we did in May of 1992. Two concerts, one in the Austrian Radio Symphony Orchestra's hall and an outdoor performance at Haydn’s birthplace. It was all like a dream.
The other horn player, Kurt Thörnblom and I clicked from the first note on the first day on the job. It couldn't have been any better. But then came the first of many painful cutbacks in Sweden for the fine arts and I was gone in July of 1993, but working there was the greatest experience I have ever had, and of course, it was there that I met Kerstin.
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