Working in Scandinavia
Östersund Serenade Ensemble

Sundsvall Chamber Orchestra

Linne Quintet

Musikteater in Värmland

Plus short term work with:
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
of Stockholm
Uppsala Chamber Orchestra
Bergen Symphony Orchestra
Trondheim Symphony Orchestra
Norrköping Symphony Orchestra
Norrlands Opera
Södertälje Opera.
After a delightful year and a half in Östersund I moved on to the town of Sundsvall and worked as Principal Horn with the Sundsvall Chamber Orchestra. Part of the job included performing in a woodwind quintet. On one orchestra concert, I was soloist in the Mozart Sinfonia Concertant for Winds and played first horn on the Beethoven 7th Symphony. With the end of the 93-94 season, I became a freelancer again and have had lots of jobs, some long term but others only a week or so and of course all the while having the privilege of studying with Ib lanzky-Otto.
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