Working in The States
Charlotte Symphony Orchestra
Assistant/utility horn
Elgin Symphony Orchestra
Section Horn,
Civic Orchestra of Chicago
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Extra, 1988.
Lyric Opera of Chicago
Extra, 1989-1992.

Plus local area freelancing in the Chicago area.
In the fall of 1980, I started my first job, playing assistant/utility horn with the Charlotte Symphony (NC). During the summer vacations, I went up to Chicago and studied with Arnold Jacobs, Dale Clevenger and Eugene Chausow. I realized that I had allot of catching up to do from the first day on the job. There were two players who had come from Chicago to Charlotte in the horn section, and the Principal had come from Philly via the Hong Kong Philharmonic. I didn't sound at all like them. I had much to learn.
But, by the fall of 1984, it was time to take the chance and stay in Chicago where I won a position with the Elgin Symphony Orchestra and continued to work in Chicago until January of 1992. In Chicago, I continued my studies by obtaining a Masters Degree at DePaul University studying with Jon Boen, solo horn with the Lyric Opera of Chicago. By then, I realized that I had come as far as I could go in town. I had good work but I was looking for something more.
Chicago, being one of the international centers for brass playing that it is had lured many fine players from the world over to it's borders. I met many of the Scandinavian players who came, and one of them wondered if I wanted to try to work in Sweden? She had a job for me. It seemed like the perfect match. I could go over, have steady work, be with the rest of my family and try a new life. So, in January of 1992, I was off to Sweden and a world of new challenges. My last job in the United States was a New Years Eve concert in Quincy, Illinois!
Chicago was a very inspiring place.
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