The Life Changing
Move to Strängnäs
In July of 2003, we moved to Strängnäs. It's a small town about 50 english from Stockholm. Great for me because I was closer to Stockholm where most of my friends and colleagues were, great for Kerstin because at last she had a permant job instead of one tempoarary position after another. Here is where we would settle down after moving almost every year since 1999. But things didn't start out so well. It wasn't until 2005 that I picked up some parish work, and even that was only an internship.
But I was getting some horn work at Södertälje Opera and a little bit of other freelance horn work was coming my way. Even our brass quintett was back together.
All my class work was finished at school, but I wasn't finished with the church music degree yet. The biggest problem was getting past the final performance exams for liturgical organ performance and solo organ performance. Until those were done, I could not be certified and therefore could not work as a permantly employied church musician. There was lots of work left to be done.
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